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VGA and audio over CATx UTP Distribution System
Use CAT 5e or 6 UTP cable to extend VGA and audio up to 300m.

Ideal for digital signage and information display applications, the AVE-300 series of transmitters and receivers from Databay allows a computer’s analogue display (VGA and higher) and audio signals to be remotely sited and driven over low-cost Cat. 5e or 6 UTP (unshielded twisted pair) structured cable.  The full resolution of the PC’s graphics system is retained at the remote displays with minimum distortion and noise, full brightness, contrast and colour.  The audio output from the remote receivers is mono. The total distance from the PC to the furthest display can be over 300m. (1000ft.) depending on the resolution and refresh rate of the PC's VGA graphics and the type of UTP cable used.  Display devices such as LCD and plasma screens and projectors can be easily and cheaply driven at long distances from the PC using the AVE-300 system.

Component video (YUV or YCbCr) for HDTV, baseband composite video, S-video and audio may be sent over the system by using the special adaptor cables listed below.

The AVE-300 series transmitters and receivers are simple to install and require no set-up and only minimum adjustment.

The system is designed for use with dedicated CATx UTP cabling.
It will not work on a pre-existing data network with data switches, hubs, routers, etc.

All CATx cable terminations must be made to the EIA-568B connection standard as detailed in the user manual.

See the Databay Installation guide and FAQs

Click for AVE-300 series user manual (PDF 1MB)

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