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The AVE-M180TR AV Transmitter and Receiver pair is a cost-effective solution for extending a PC's analogue VGA and audio signals over CAT5e or 6 UTP cable up to 180m. (590 ft.) With its small size and simplified design you can easily install the AVE-M180TR pair and save space over larger extender products.

The AVE-M180TR AV Transmitter and Receiver pair are ideally suited for straightforward installations where a PC needs to drive a single remote plasma or LCD screen, projector, monitor or TV with a VGA input.

AVE-M180 Connection Diagram
The AVE-M180TR Transmitter and Receiver pair are simple to install and use.

The AVE-M180T Transmitter is powered via the USB port of the PC. A separate 5VDC supply can be used when a USB connection is not available. The AVE-M180R Receiver is powered from a separate, included power supply and has an equalisation adjustment for best quality display. The maximum distance to the receiver is dependent on the VGA resolution and the quality and type of UTP cable used. 1600 x 1200 resolution is achievable at 180m. with best quality CAT5e cable. It is not possible to exceed the 180m. distance limit. LEDs on both transmitter and receiver indicate connection status. Audio is mono at the AVE-M180R Receiver's output.

The AVE-M180TR pair is designed for use with dedicated CATx UTP cabling. It will not work on a pre-existing 10, 100 or 1000Mbps data network with data switches, hubs, routers, etc. All CATx cable terminations must be made to the EIA-568B connection standard as detailed in the user manual.
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Download the AVE-M180TR User Manual (300KB pdf)