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BrightSign LS Series

BrightSign LS422 - The Last One!

Product Code: LS422

Manufacturer: BrightSign

The best-selling BrightSign LS422 is a low-cost and fully featured commercial-grade media player providing a far superior alternative to the consumer devices sometimes chosen for price-sensitive installations.

Based on the award-winning BrightSign HD platform, BrightSign LS422 delivers BrightSign’s signature reliability and affordability, while packing a robust feature set into a very small form-factor digital signage media player.

The LS422 is now discontinued.  The LAST ONE available at a special price.

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BrightSign LS422 - The Last One!
BrightSign LS422 - The Last One! BrightSign LS422 - The Last One! BrightSign LS422 - The Last One! BrightSign LS422 - The Last One!

The small form-factor, commercial-grade BrightSign LS422 is fully featured to run circles around the competition.

Network connected and featuring 1080p25/30 decode and full HD playback via HDMI, the BrightSign LS422 has USB 2.0 and GPIO interactivity, as well as S/PDIF audio out.  This model is perfect for simple streaming applications and large deployments of common content.

Download the LS datasheet.

  • Delivers Full HD 1080p video playback
  • Offers a robust media handling platform for superior video and image playback performance
  • Supports both looping media playback and interactive presentations
  • Offers looping and interactive playlist creation and publishing with included BrightAuthor software
  • Provides Multi-zone and full screen layouts supporting video, images and text tickers
  • Supports interactive controls via USB and GPIO ports for buttons, motion sensors, lighting, and show controller applications
  • Real-time clock for date and time zones, scheduling and dayparting
  • Packaged in an ultra-compact size and easily mounted out of sight
  • Offers HDMI connectivity for full HD output and many 16:9 and 4:3 resolutions
Hardware Solid-state design. No moving parts. Plastic case with wall-mounting brackets.

Video Containers: MPEG-2 transport and program streams, AVCHD/BDAV, ASF, MP4, MOV
Images: BMP, JPEG, PNG
Audio: MP2, MP3, AAC, and WAV.
AC3 is passed through.

Dimensions 153 x 27 x 105mm  or
6.02 x 1.06 x 4.13 in. (W x H x D)
Excluding mounting brackets and connectors.
Weight: 181gm, 6.4oz
Power Separate universal plug-top power supply. 12VDC @ 1A, 10W
Video Output

HDMI digital

Video Output resolutions 640x480x60p, 800x600x60p, 800x600x75p, 960x960x60p, 1024x768x60p, 1024x768x75p, 1280x768x60p, 1280x800x60p, 1360x768x60p, 720x576x50p, 720x480x59.94p, 720x480x60p, 1280x720x50p, 1280x720x59.94p, 1280x720x60p, 1920x1080x50i, 1920x1080x59.94i, 1920x1080x60i, 1920x1080x24p, 1920x1080x25p, 1920x1080x29.97p, 1920x1080x30p, 1920x1080x50p, 1920x1080x59.94p, 1920x1080x60p
Audio Outputs Analog: 1 x stereo (line level) on 3.5mm socket.
Digital: S/PDIF Out.
Storage Format

Removable SDHC card. Speed rating: Class 6 or higher. All memory sizes up to 32GB accepted. Or
Removable SDXC card.  All memory sizes up to 2TB accepted.

Max. decode
Connectors and indicators

Front panel: GPIO bidirectional control port 15-pin D
Rear panel: Power-in jack, HDMI out HDMI 19-pin, RJ-45 network socket, SP/DIF socket.
Side panels: Power / stats LED.  Reset button.
SDHC/SDXC card slot, Stereo audio out 3.5mm jack, USB2 socket.

Specifications subject to change without notice