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BrightSign XD Series

BrightSign XD1034

Product Code: XD1034

Manufacturer: BrightSign

The BrightSign XD1034 offers a powerful 4K video engine capable of decoding one 4Kp50/60 video or two full HD videos simultaneously and supports Dolby VisionTM and HDR10+ content.


The BrightSign XD1034 includes the enhanced I/O package of Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, RS232 Serial, 2 x USB, IR, analog/digital audio, and an M.2 SSD PCIe interface.


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BrightSign XD1034
BrightSign XD1034 BrightSign XD1034

The BrightSign XD1034 delivers superior technology for advanced applications, including a powerful 4K video decoding engine that supports all the technology standards of the true 4K ecosystem: H.265/H.264-encoded native 4K content at 50/60fps, Dolby VisionTM, HDR10+ and HDMI 2.0a for stunning picture quality. It is also capable of 4K upscaling and dual decoding two 1080p50/60 videos at once. All BrightSign XD4 models include Gigabit Ethernet and a hardware-accelerated HTML5 engine with advanced performance.

The XD1034 includes the enhanced I/O package of Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, RS232 Serial, 2 x USB, IR, analog/digital audio, and an M.2 SSD PCIe interface.

Download the BrightSign XD4 datasheet

  • Supports H.265 encoded 4K HDR10+ and full-HD 50/60p video
  • Mainstream HTML5 rendering engine
  • Network connected with Gigabit Ethernet
  • Highly reliable media handling platform
  • Full 4K and HD, 3840x2160 or 1920x1080 x 50/60p playback
  • BrightSign App support
  • BrightBeaconTM support
  • Digital and analog audio out
  • GPIO, RS232 serial, IR and 2 x USB interactivity


  • Single 4K@60p video decoding
  • Dual 1080@60p decoding
  • Native 4K@60p CEA HDR10 video decoding


  • Video Codecs for 4K content: H.265
  • Video Containers for 4K H.265 content: .ts, .mov, .mp4, .mkv
  • Video Codecs for Full HD: H.265, H.264 (MPEG-4, Part 10), MPEG-2, MPEG-1
  • Video Containers for Full HD content: .ts, .mpg, .vob, .mov, .mp4, .m2ts, .wmv
  • Images: BMP, JPEG, PNG
  • Audio: MP2, MP3, AAC,FLAC, OGG, and WAV (AC3 is passed through)
  • HTML5 (Advanced)


  • Native 4K resolutions: 3840x2160x24/25/30/50/60p
  • Upscaling to: 3840x2160x24/25/29.97/30p
  • 1920x1080x24/25/29.92/30/50/59.94/60p,
  • 1920x1080x50/59.94/60i, 1600x1200x60p,
  • 1440x1050x60/75p, 1440x900x60/75p,
  • 1360x768x60p, 1280x1024x60/75p, 1280x960x60p,
  • 1280x800x60p/75p, 1280x768x60p,
  • 1280x720x50/59.94/60p, 1024x768x60p,
  • 800x600x60/75p, 720x576x50p/50i,
  • 720x480x59.94/60p/60i, 640x480x60p


  • Locking MLX2 Power Connector
  • External micro SD Slot (SDHC and SDXC); SDHC storage up to 32GB, SDXC storage up to 2TB
  • M.2 SSD Interface
  • Phoenix GPIO Port (12-pin bi-directional terminal block: 8xGPIO lines, 0v and +3v3)
  • 3.5mm RS-232 Serial Port
  • 3.5mm IR In/Out
  • 3.5mm Audio Out (analog & digital)
  • HDMI 2.0a Out
  • Ethernet X (Gigabit)
  • Reset and Service Buttons
  • Real Time Clock


  • H.265 Decoding: smaller file sizes and higher quality content than H.264
  • Powerful 4K Video Engine: True 4K CEA, HDR10+, Dolby VisionTM, 4K upscaling, dual video decoding and superior scaling
  • HTML5: hardware-accelerated engine that plays modular HTML assets flawlessly alongside high bandwidth video
  • BrightBeaconTM: 2-way Bluetooth/Beacon communication between mobile devices & signage, when WS103 wi-fi / Bluetooth module fitted
  • BrightWallTM: synchronized playback across multiple displays
  • Zones: playback multiple content types on a single screen
  • Mosaic Mode: simultaneously play a multitude of smaller resolution videos that add up to the maximum video resolution of the player
  • IP Streaming: play streaming media
  • IP Streaming Server: serve IP streams from local storage
  • Encoding Server: transcode or composite/encode IP streams
  • Interactivity: connect virtually any type of interactive device to a multitude of interactive ports (GPIO, IR, UDP)
  • Live Feeds: Live Data, Live Text, MRSS, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • Tagging: BrightSign Network users can assign media and player tags for highly targeted content distribution
  • Sign Preview: preview presentation playback in BrightAuthor
  • Remote Snapshot: remotely view a snapshot image of the display’s playback
  • Remote View: remotely view a video clip of a running BrightSign presentation
  • BrightPlatesTM: easy template-based sign creation service
  • Networking: update, manage and schedule your signage
  • B-deploy: A setup feature to deploy many players at once.


  • Free BrightAuthor Software
  • BrightSign Networking Options


  • Wireless/Bluetooth Module – WS103
  • MicroSD Class 10 memory cards (various capacities)


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 179.9 x 21.9 x 204.2mm or 7.1 x 0.86 x 8in
  • Weight 20oz or 567gm.
  • Power 12V / 3A (36 Watts)
  • Multi-Country Power & Regulatory Approvals
  • Built-in Wall Mounting Brackets
  • 2-year RTB warranty