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iBoot-IO power switch

Product Code: IBIOL1

The iBoot-IO from Dataprobe enables a BrightSign media player with a GPIO port to control any 105-240VAC mains power source up to 2KW.

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iBoot-IO power switch
iBoot-IO power switch

From turning on a powerful spot lamp, to causing a siren to sound, to starting a high pressure fan, iBoot-IO gives you the flexibility to control any mains power source up to 2KW.

This version of iBoot-IO is developed to work with any BrightSign media player with a GPIO interface and responds to a zero or +3V logic level change. 
iBoot-IO is easy to install - just attach it to the device you want to control, plug it into the power outlet and close the control contacts via the BrightSign player’s GPIO port, and you'll gain remote power control. Use the DB15TB GPIO adaptor for easy solder-free control cable connections to the BrightSign player.
Features include:
·         10 Amps Switching @ 240VAC
·         12 Amps Switching @ 120VAC
·         Contact Closure Input
·         Positive Feedback Output
·         Screw Terminal I/O connections

iBoot-IO uses industry standard IEC connections and ships complete with an input power cord and an IEC connector for the output power. Just plug iBoot-IO into the wall, and attach the device to be controlled. Then just close the control contacts and you are all set for remote power control from a BrightSign player or any other contact closure or low voltage logic output device.
Up to 8 separate iBoot-IO switches can be controlled by a single BrightSign media player with a GPIO port.  Each GPIO Out line drives a single iBoot-IO switch.


Voltage rating
105 - 240VAC
Power Switching
10 Amps at 210-240VAC
12 Amps at 105-125VAC,
Power Connections
Power Inlet: IEC 320 C13 Plug.
Power Outlet: IEC 320 C14 Receptacle. 
External I/O
Removable screw terminal block. 
Wiring: 18AWG maximum. 
Maximum distance to control relay: 30ft/10m using 24AWG wire. 
H x W x D: 2.0" x 3.2" x 4.2" (60mm x 82mm x 107mm)
Weight 8.6 oz. / 244g
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 Deg. C
MTBF 420,000 Hours
Operating Cycles 10,000,000 Mechanical. 100,000 at Maximum Load
UL/cUL UL60950 
Listed I.T.E File No. E225914
CE Directives 89/336/EEC, 92/31/EEC and 93/68/EEC
FCC Part 15 Class B