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AVE-301R One-Port AV Receiver

Product Code: AVE-301R

Manufacturer: Databay

AV Receiver enables the VGA and audio outputs sent over 300m. of Cat. 5e/6 UTP cable from a AVE-300 series AV Transmitter to drive a display and sound system.

This product is end-of-life.  Last few units available.

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AVE-301R One-Port AV Receiver

AVE-301R One-Port AV Receiver enables the outputs from a AVE-300 series transmitter to drive a display and active speaker system at distances up to 300m. over Cat. 5, 5e or 6 UTP cable.

Separate plug-top power supply. Works with the AVE-300T series of 1, 4, 8 and 16 port Transmitters.

With magnetic base and fixing plate for easy mounting.

Controls: video gain and focus (phase).

Input: RJ-45

Outputs: 15-pin HD: VGA, 3.5mm jack: mono audio

Dimensions: 62 x 113 x 29mm

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