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DB15TB GPIO adaptor

Product Code: DB15TB

Manufacturer: Pixels

Make connecting to any BrightSign Series 1 or 2 media player with a DB15 GPIO port quick and easy with the DB15TB Adapter.

No soldering required.  Just fix the wires to the screw terminals.


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DB15TB GPIO adaptor

No need to solder wires and run the risk of burning yourself.  Just fix the wires to the screw terminals with a small flat-blade screwdriver.  Quick and easy installation.

The DB15TB adapter plugs directly into the Brightsign's Series 1 or 2 DB15 GPIO connector and the 8 input / output lines and +3.3V are available on the screw terminal blocks provided. The DB15TB can also be remote-mounted using a DB15 ribbon cable up to 20m. long.  Contact Pixels for details.

Additional ground (GND) terminals for multiple I/O connections.  Holes for cable ties to secure wires to adaptor.  Screw fixings to BrightSign player's GPIO port.

Not compatible with the latest Series 3 BrightSign players. 

See P12STB for a GPIO adapter for Series 3 BrightSign players.