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Recent BrightSign player applications

Some recent commercial applications of BrightSign media players - supplied and supported by Pixels.

Sandals Luxury Travel Store, London

Pixels supplied 31 BrightSign XD media players, technical support and user training to systems integrator Twisted Pair for the new Sandals luxury travel store in London's Fulham Road. 

All 31 BrightSign media players are networked, controlled and updated from one PC running BrightAuthor presentation creation and management software in Sandals' marketing department.  Groups of BrightSign players are set up to run in frame-accurate syncronisation to produce stunning HD visual effects promoting Sandals luxury Carribean vacation resorts. 

Pixels provided much technical advice to the video production company to ensure media was prepared and encoded correctly so the best possible display quality and visual effects could be consistently achieved.  The central area of the store features the recreation of a luxury rondoval resort suite with 9 47" LCD HD screens, each driven by an XD player, arranged in portrait orientation simulating out-of-the-window views. 

Another group of 7 screens and synchronised XD players situated in the entrance to the store show HD shots of waterfalls, natural Carribean scenes and Sandals resort scenes.  All XD players are scheduled to play and change content at predetermined times of the day and shut down when the store is closed.  The 7-screen store-front display is scheduled to play when the store is closed, to shut down late at night and wake up early in the morning.

System integration by Twisted Pair Ltd.

Training by Tim Fothergill Productions.

Images courtesy of Sandals UK.

BrightSign media players distributed by Pixels UK Ltd.  

Rolling Stones Exhibitionism - Saatchi Gallery, London

Pixels supplied over 100 BrightSign HD222 media players to Electrosonic for integration into the Rolling Stones Exhibitionism visitor experience at the Saatchi Gallery in London.  The HD222 players drive the display screens and projection systems throughout the exhibition.  Many players are synchronised together playing HD media to form multiple display effects while others play media to individual screens.  

A few BrightSign LS322 audio media players are also used in the exhibition in areas where only audio is required.  All BrightSign players in the installation are networked and controlled by a Crestron show controller to turn the whole system on and off on a daily scheduled basis.

System integration by Electrosonic Ltd.

Images courtesy of LD Communications

BrightSign media players distributed by Pixels UK Ltd.

Interactive Adidas promotion systems in Sports Direct sportsware stores.

Pixels supplied and programmed 84 BrightSign LS422 HD media players to drive arrays of 6 and 12 32" flat panel displays to promote Adidas football boots in Sports Direct sportsware stores around the UK.  Custom synchronisation and control scripts were written for the LS422 players to take commands from a transparent Touchfoil touch surface mounted inside the thick glass of the store window.  The Master LS422 player also controls the switching of iBoot-IO switches to safely switch mains power to the high brightness lighting displays in the front and base of the window displays. 

All 6 and 12-player synchronised and interactive touchscreen systems work from power-up to power-down, without intervention by store staff, and are programmed to run continuously 24/7 or on a defined schedule.

Displays and system integration by Windsor Displays Ltd.

BrightSign media players distributed by Pixels UK Ltd. 

 Tierry Mugler perfumes pop-up marketing booths in UK shopping malls.

Synchronised BrightSign LS422 media players, supplied and supported by Pixels, are used to drive video walls of 42" displays advertising Tierry Mugler perfumes in pop-up marketing booths in shopping malls around the UK.

Groups of BrightSign LS422 media players are controlled and synchronised by SyncKit scripts written by Pixels UK Ltd.  For some installations a small push-button control box (4BBOX) is connected to the Master player enabling different videos to be selected and played, the playback paused and restarted, and the audio muted.

Installations by Design4Retail Ltd.

BrightSign media players distributed by Pixels UK Ltd.

Digital Revolution exhibition, Barbican Centre, London.

50 BrightSign HD media players were supplied by Pixels for the Digital Revolution exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre.  Digital Revolution, an immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames, which ran through the summer of 2014 is described as “an immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames” and “the most comprehensive presentation of digital creativity ever to be staged in the UK“. The exhibition will tour the world for 4 years after its London run.

A feature of the exhibition is the recreation of the "lightbox" used in the CGI production of the space scenes in Gravity, the award-winning film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.  The lightbox is formed by 18 50" flat panel displays all driven by network-synchronised BrightSign HD media players. Media for the players is loaded and managed by a PC over the LAN connecting the players.

BrightSign media players are used throughout Digital Revolution to display numerous video exhibits and shows on projectors and screens.

AV supplier:  ADi AV Ltd.
Designer:  59 Productions

Pictures: (R) Dave Benett, Matthew Lloyd, Getty Images; Mark Allan, Barbican Art Gallery.

Read the full press release

Harley-Davidson Discover More tour.  Europe, Scandinavia and Middle East.

Systems integrator Colour Sound Experiment and events management company Events Innovations purchased 12 BrightSign XD media players and SyncKit synchronisation and control scripts for the Harley-Davison DiscoverMore tour of 30 countries in Europe, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

The 12 BrightSign players and 32" flat panel display screens form an ultra high definition video wall for an exhibition stand featuring Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the Discover More tour in the Summer of 2014.

Custom sync scripts were written by Pixels to enable the 12 BrightSign media players to play in sync while the audio from each player is individually enabled through the playlists.  Each of the 12 screens features a HD video travelog of each leg of the tour with a audio commentory.  As one section of media finishes the audio mutes and is then enabled for the next piece in the playlist.  All 12 screens then play a corporate logo in sync with an overall resolution of 7680 x 3240 pixels.  The configuration and playlist content can easily be changed by the user with a laptop to customise the videowall for each event on the tour.

Additional scripting provides for the whole 12-screen video wall to be controlled from a simple 4-button control box connected to the GPIO port of the master BrightSign XD1030 player.  Functions such as Stop, Pause, Play and Next are available.  Pause is particularly useful to avoid blurred pictures during photo sessions.

Integrator: Colour Sound Experiment 

Management: Event Innovations

Pictures courtesy of Simon Finlay.

BrightSign players and SyncKit scripts supplied and supported by Pixels.

Stella McCartney fashion stores, London, Europe, USA and Asia.

10 wi-fi synchronised BrightSign XD230 media players, supplied by Pixels, playing HD media to 47" portrait screens in Stella McCartney’s flagship store in Brompton Cross, London.


Following the successful completion of this installation, the promotion was rolled out to five stores in the USA, five in Europe and three in Asia. The number of screens at each installaion depends on the available window and floor space. No re-configuration of the BrightSign players is required as the system is totally flexible requiring a single Master player wirelessly networked and synchronised to any number of Slave players. The players are connected to a LAN for local updates or to the BrightSign Network for updating from anywhere in the world.

Installation by Freehand Ltd.
BrightSign media players distributed by Pixels UK Ltd.

Click to view the YouTube 2 minute HD video of the 10 synchronised screens at the Brompton Cross installation.

Currys retail stores, various UK locations

BrightSign media players, supplied by Pixels, are powering video walls in premium Samsung concessions in prime Currys electrical retail outlets in several locations around the UK. The installation was commissioned by Cheil Worldwide on behalf of Samsung Electronics. Implementation and management is by audio-visual (AV) experts Freehand.

Each of the UK concessions features a 2x2 video wall of 46” Samsung professional LCD screens promoting tablets, TVs, phones, white goods and other Samsung products displayed in the concession. The 4 screens are driven by 4 BrightSign HD220 networked players, ideal for playing looped digital content in a variety of multimedia formats.  Content for the screens is created by Samsung creative and media agencies worldwide in a variety of moving and static image file formats. It is collected and consolidated by Cheil Worldwide and delivered to Freehand.  Freehand uses BrightAuthor software to schedule and manage content and the BrightSign Network to remotely deliver content, playlists and updates and receive playback reports from all players on the network.

Installation: Freehand Ltd.
Pictures courtesy of Freehand Ltd.

Read the full press release at:

 Selfridges' department store, Oxford Street, London

Leading AV content creation and systems company, Freehand Ltd. has installed a 9-screen videowall system in a storefront window of Selfridges' department store in Oxford Street, London. 


The 9 LCD screen display is driven by 9 synchronised BrightSign HD media players supplied to Freehand by Pixels UK Ltd.  Accurate synchronisaton of the 9 BrightSign players is achieved via their network connections.  One player acts as a Master synchronising all network-attached Slave players.  Synchronisation scripting for the BrightSign player is written and supported by Pixels. 

Installation: Freehand Ltd.
Pictures courtesy of Freehand Ltd. 

 Olympic Village, London

CMT Events installed a 9-screen videowall system in the Acer Pavillion at the 2012 London Olympic Games.  The videowall was seen by thousands of visitors, atheletes, staff and officials during the summer months of the Games.


The 9 LCD screen, high definition display is driven by 9 synchronised BrightSign HD media players supplied by Pixels UK Ltd.  Accurate synchronisaton of the 9 BrightSign players is achieved via their network connections.  One player acts as a Master synchronising all network-attached Slave players.  Synchronisation scripting for the BrightSign player is written and supported by Pixels.  The system was designed to run in sync continuously from power-on to power-off without operator intervention.

Installation: CMT Events.
Pictures courtesy of CMT Events

 Infiniti car showroom, Stockport

When Nissan’s luxury car marque Infiniti set about expanding its presence in Europe, it wanted to engage with potential buyers in a new and unusual way. The result was a digital art competition, the finalists of which have their work featured at the opening of the new European showrooms. Essential to presenting the artwork are BrightSign digital media players, providing each event with a dramatic visual focus.

Seven BrightSign media players, supplied by Pixels, were used at the opening of Infiniti’s new showroom in Stockport in late 2011. The event was devised and managed by London-based Oil Productions, with the technical aspects managed by The Big Idea and installed by Entserv Audio Visual.


“We had used the BrightSign players on the Doctor Who Experience. They were extremely reliable, gave fantastic resolution and were able to be synchronised accurately,” says Steve Richley, Oil Productions project manager.

Set amongst a fashion catwalk, presentations of Infiniti cars, a DJ set and a suitable selection of champagne and hors d'oeuvres, visitors to the showroom’s opening were impressed by the dazzling artwork, with the BrightSign players set to feature in many more Infiniti events.

“The players’ performance was faultless,” says Steve. “Both we and the client were very happy with them and we are using them on the Geneva Motor Show in March for a digital art 'Reveal Cinema'. All other future digital art presentations for Infiniti will utilise BrightSign players where required.

Design, installation and content by Oil Productions / The Big Idea / Entserv AV
All images are © Mike Dodd

Read the full press release at:

 Barbican Art Gallery, London

67 BrightSign HD media players drive projectors and LCD screens for the Watch Me Move Animation Show at the Barbican Art Gallery in London.

Renowned for its groundbreaking programmes, the Barbican is Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue, making its Art Gallery an apposite setting for Watch Me Move, described as ‘the most extensive exhibition ever mounted to present the full range of animated imagery produced in the last 150 years’.

This section of the Watch Me Move Animation Show at the Barbican Art Gallery uses a BrightSign HD410 HD media player to drive a high brightness projector showing a playlist of animation film clips and concurrently controls an Audionics energy management unit to sequence switch the lighting to the main display panels.

All BrightSign players are fitted with 8GB SDHC high-speed flash cards, providing sufficient storage for the hundreds of standard and high definition media files for the Watch Me Move exhibits.

Many of the small, lightweight BrightSign HD media players at the Barbican Art Gallery are mounted vertically on the projectors' support pole making large equipment racks and long video cable runs unnecessary.

For the full story see the Pixels press release: 

Installation: Pinnerton Video Systems Ltd.
Photography:  © James Cumpsty. 

 Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, London

4 synchronised BrightSign HD media players are used by the Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University to present the work Dance of Ordinariness by artist Trevor Appleson. The work is a tribute to Victorian animation pioneer and photographer Eadweard Muybridge and formed part of the Muybridge at Kingston and Tate Britain exhibitions.

The Pixels supplied and programmed BrightSign players (1 x HD1010 and 3 x HD210s) are configured for full HD 1080p50 HDMI output and networked together for synchronised playback. The Master HD1010 player has push-buttons connected to its GPIO parallel port to enable user control for Play, Pause, Repeat, Stop, etc. The Master HD1010 player controls and synchronises the playback of the 3 network-connected Slave HD210 players, each player located close to the wall-mounted Panasonic HD projectors.

Stratford Underground Station, London

Art on the Underground has installed a new film work at Stratford Underground Station. 3 synchronised BrightSign media players drive 3 large LCD screens display artist Matt Stokes’ 3-channel high definition digital film work: The Stratford Gaff: A Serio-Comick-Bombastick-Operatick Interlude. The new work celebrates the history and people of Stratford and the East End of London.

The BrightSign HD210 players, supplied and programmed by Pixels, are synchronised via their network connections and a network switch.  They are configured to run and play HD media continuously in sync from power up to power down, without operator intervention.

Artist:  Matt Stokes
Work commissioned by Art on the Underground
Installation: ADI Audiovisual Ltd.
Photography:  Michael Doherty

Ice Bar, London

3 synchronised BrightSign HD1010 media players are used in London’s Ice Bar to simulate a panoramic underwater scene as viewed through the portholes of a fantasy submarine.
The 3 BrightSign HD1010 media players are synchronised via their network connections and a network switch.  One player is configured as a Master player and it controls the synchronised playback from the other 2 Slave players.  All 3 players drive XGA LCD projectors mounted behind the portholes.  No external control is required as the players are powered up and play continuously in synch until powered down.

 National Brewery Centre, Burton

At the new National Brewery Centre’s main reception area 3 synchronised BrightSign HD210 media players are driving XGA projectors to display a super-wide animation of the 4 changing seasons in a CGI generated forest scene.  The each ceiling mounted projector is driven by XGA analog signals from the BrightSign players.  The players are synchronised via their network connections and a network switch.  The players are configured to run continuously in synch from power up to power down, without operator intervention.

Anthem, The Eden Project, Cornwall

BrightSign HD1010 media players are used for the live presentation of Beth Derbyshire’s Anthem at The Eden Project in Cornwall. Custom scripts for the BrightSign media players were developed to provide simple, reliable, push-button operation to control the 3 synchronised HD1010 media players.  One HD1010 player is configured as a Master and is controlled by push-buttons connected to its GPIO port.  The Master player controls and synchronises the 2 HD1010 Slave players across their network connections and a network switch.  On power up all 3 players are in idle mode outputting a still HD image of the Anthem logo. 

Read the full story in the Pixels press release.

CityScape, Adu Dhabi


A total of 20 synchronised BrightSign HD media players are used in the CityScape project.  16 HD210 players drive vertical ceiling-mounted projectors that illuminate a huge 22m x 18m architectural model of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.  3 of the BrightSign players also drive projectors that show a ultra-wide movie about the CityScape project on a 11m wide screen above the model.  One BrightSign HD1010 functions as a Master player synchronising the 19 Slave BrightSign HD210 players via their network connections.  All BrightSign players output video to the projectors at 1024x768 resolution. The players and associated equipment is controlled by a networked Que Systems show controller.

Read the full story in the Pixels press release.